Boards of Trustees

Zimbabwe Board of Trustees (AWCF Trust):


Dr. Chris Foggin, BVSc, MRCVS, DPhil

Dr Chris Foggin is the former chief wildlife veterinarian for Zimbabwe, and was head of the national wildlife vet unit from 1989 to 2012.  He is currently employed as the wildlife veterinarian for the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust.  Chris has dedicated his entire career to conservation of wildlife in Zimbabwe, and was pivotal in helping shape the AWCF in the early years.

Vice Chairman and Founder Trustee:

John McTaggart, Managing Director

John is an agricultural engineer who has been involved in the Zimbabwean mining industry since 1983. He started his own mining company in 1995 which helped fund his passion for conservation. He is currently involved in the development of renewable resources in Zimbabwe. He has been extensively involved in the conservation of Black Rhino through his flying experience. He is a founder trustee of the AWCF.

US Board of Trustees

The US board is currently being restructured. New board members will be posted here very soon.

5 year strategic plan